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NOBIS in Albania, managed by the Italian company HIDRON, brings to you the environment where tranquility, relaxation, pleasure, wellness, health and life quality, gather in one place!
You, your partner, your children, your parents, will find tranquility, pleasure and entertainment in the environments of NOBIS. You can choose your own daily activity or / and you can do a combination of the programs you want, based on your objectives.
The entire resort is built on this areas:
Swimming Pool Area - which offers courses for children and adults, starting from initial levels to advanced ones. For the first time in Albania, the real entertainment comes in the water, with diverse activities and fun in water.
Fitness Area- where you go because you want to and not because you have to. Our team of professional and dedicated instructors are here to help you achieve your goals, above all in good health.
Beauty & SPA Area - for a woman who feels good, it is easy to reflect her beauty and to make others feel her beauty day by day, even more when the treatments are made with the newest technologies in the world, now for the first time in Albania. Above all with quality and certified products.
Dance Area - is where you will find everything that you claim for yourself and your children. In our academy you will find culture, beauty, class, discipline and the beautiful art brought in the perfect form to come as naturally as possible to you.
Restaurant Area - At Nobis Wellness Center, for all its members and not only, you can find the restaurant of the center. It is not only a restaurant with delightful foods but also an environment to complete and fully relax your day.
Hairdresser Area - The most famous brands L’Oreal and Elgon come to the Nobis Wellness Center Hairdresser. After a relax or sport session, the hairdresser area and its professional staff will make you feel good about your look.
Sports Shop Area - The world-known brand for sportive outfits is now present with its store at Nobis Wellness Center to meet all your needs. Sport with the most famous brand: EVERLAST- the Choice of the Champions!
From the moment you enter NOBIS, you will feel calmed and relaxed. The Quiet music, lovely colors, luxurious facilities and professionals around you begin your process of satisfaction. nobis.al

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